Weekly Tip: Start your day with warm lemon water before that coffee cleanse the body.

Working from home means routine and discipline are more important than ever. I love working remotely it gives the freedom of time and space as long as you are disciplined, personally I can achieve in 4 hours working remotely what might take me 8 hours to achieve in an office, that doesn’t mean I only put 4 hours into a day to be honest I usually put more hours in than if I was in an office for 8 hours because I am cutting out commute, office interference, office politics, mindless gossip, and me I get great coffee on tap.

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Useful items to make working from home more productive, essentials I must have a desk and good chair I cant work on a couch, in bed, at a kitchen table I do need my space , that said I know for some remoties as we will call them space is a premium think small studio apartment in a big city or an environment that has to accommodate a family.

Working from home presents cyber-security risks

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Looks like the brakes are being put on remote work by some of the biggest tech companies

How to use Google Meet to live stream

Study Reveals The Physical & Mental Impacts Of Working From Home  Make sure you maintain good Health & Fitness when working remotely. Don’t become a couch potato, don’t snack remember healthy body healthy mind. Start the day how you mean to go on a morning routine will kickstart the rest of the day before coffee try warm lemon water followed by a set of four planks work up to holding each one for a minute then get a twenty minute walk in if you are lucky enough to have access to a treadmill do that if not the great outdoors is calling and walking is free.

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Do you need a VPN: Yes you do even more so if you are working remotely. A VPN offers numerous benefits whenever you surf the internet or use any app that accesses web services to work. The first and foremost important use of a VPN is it proves a secure connection while you access the data remotely.


Investment in a home office set up is key to a smooth work from home environment, I have a few go to places for my office essentials Costco, Amazon, & Walmart. Costco is great for all home office essentials I purchased a Tresanti Powered Adjustable Height Desk for under $300 along with a couple of Acer dual monitors under $100 each, and a new Mac mini M1 on a $100 off promo which I love. Keep an eye on those Costco promotions great deals can be had. I also like to keep my wishlists updated on Amazon to check on the latest best deals available.


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