Set your day up for success routine helps it gives it a foundation for that day, wake at the same time, don’t lie in bed, make your bed start of the day with a win, exercise, get that mind and body moving and set your day up for success.

Working from home means routine and discipline are more important than ever. Working remotely can give you the freedom of time and space as long as you are disciplined, you can achieve in 4 hours working remotely what might take 8 hours to achieve in an office environment, that doesn’t mean you only put 4 hours into your work day you generally work more hours than if you were in an office for 8 hours why because you are cutting out commute, office interference, noise, politics, and mindless gossip. The downside is the lack of human interaction unless you live and interact with people on a daily basis it can be a lonely faceless environment.

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Useful items to make working from home more productive, essentials you must have, a designated work space, you do need that space if for nothing else to be able to leave close that door and detach yourself. Surround yourself in your home work environment with things that brighten your mood, plants, oil diffuser, incense, art, something that makes you smile.

Health and Wellness products help deal with the stress, and anxiety the current climate has placed upon us there are many products in the marketplace that have seen a lot of growth over the past few years one of those being CBD based products. CBD is also used to ease chronic pain and inflammation.

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Working from home presents cyber-security risks there are tools that are essential to creating a safe home work environment such as a password protector, and a VPN.

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Looks like the brakes are being put on remote work by some of the biggest tech companies

How to use Google Meet to live stream make sure you use Sonos clear, crisp, sound

Study Reveals The Physical & Mental Impacts Of Working From Home 

Make sure you maintain good Health & Fitness when working remotely. Don’t become a couch potato, don’t snack remember healthy body healthy mind. Start the day how you mean to go on a morning routine will kickstart the rest of the day before coffee try warm lemon water followed by a set of four planks work up to holding each one for a minute then get a twenty minute walk in if you are lucky enough to have access to a treadmill do that if not the great outdoors is calling and walking is free. If you have room set up a home gym strength training should be a key part of any exercise routine weight bench, and weights, if you are limited for space try the Bowflex Dumbbells or Kettle Bell they are are all you need.

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Do you need a VPN: Yes you do even more so if you are working remotely. A VPN offers numerous benefits whenever you surf the internet or use any app that accesses web services to work. The first and foremost important use of a VPN is it proves a secure connection while you access the data remotely.


Investment in a home office set up is key to a smooth work from home environment, a few go to places for office essentials Costco, Amazon, & Walmart. Costco is great for all home office essentials Keep an eye on those Costco promotions great deals can be had. Also keep those wishlists updated on Amazon to check on the latest best deals available.