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‘Vast majority’ of COVID-19 patients have antibodies for at least 3 months: study

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Google Meet Improves Video Conferencing, Teams Adds OneDrive Collaboration & More News

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Most Americans willing to forego personal data privacy to combat spread of COVID-19 and return to work faster

11 Handy Zoom Hacks to Make Your Digital Life Easier

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How to use Google Meet to live stream

These Google Meet best practices will help your IT team monitor activities to protect school data and detect student safety signals

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As technology makes life easier to interact online, purchase items, pay bills, conduct personal banking, and communicate, to name a few, it also makes it easier for individuals or groups to ruin that experience resulting in a negative impact on your life that can last for years.

ID theft has become big business over the last few years on a global scale. Companies like Reliashield and Identity Force help protect against that. In addition, a personal VPN gives an extra layer of protection and privacy while active and online Nord, Express, & PureVPN are worth considering.

Data protection, data privacy, and data security when traveling, investing, or purchasing are key components to peace of mind especially in the current climate where social interaction is happening online greater than ever. One thing every person online should have is a Password Manager Dashlane is one of the best and well worth the annual membership cost.

Buying online is becoming the norm and will only increase with the current situation purchase Electronics, Health & Fitness, Beauty, Clothing & Apparel and even Autos online safe and securely.

With the current work from home in place many companies are realizing that this will be the norm moving forward, all too often in the past there has been a lack of trust with regards to allowing employees to work from home when in reality the majority of individuals are a lot more productive and focused without the day to day distractions of an office environment, what would normally take you 8 hours to complete can be completed in half that time.

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This is why investment in a home office set up is key to a smooth work from home environment.

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